We are production, design and sales solar lighting for urban street, cities, parks and indusrty areas.

About product

Pole hight

The height of the pole is determined by the necessary solar requirements..

Automatic rotation

The system can be equipedd with automatic solar rotation technology, allowing for optimum exposure and a production increase of over 30%

Photovoltaic panels

Polycrystalline solar panels 60-200Wp

Remote control

Remote control technology allows the user to wirelessly control light intensity, switch times and much more.

DIM settings

Control settings can be changed during overnight periods.

Mobile charging

Pole can be equipped with cellular charging technology.


Systems are equipped with LiFePO4 accumulators, located in the sub-ground level section of the pole, ensuring constant temperature regulation all year round.

Surface finish

The galvanised pole can be finished in industry standard RAL 9007 crack paint.


Lighting can be freely combinated and tailored to specific demands and environments.


Our equipment is designed and manufactured to allow for easy installation, even in difficult and limited access spaces.


We provide an exclusive warranty for each luminaire and a five -year battery quarantee.


Having been tradiing for over 12 years, our products have become a trusted household name.

Czech manufacturing

We are a traditioanl Czech manufacturer with over 12 years experience in industry.

Adalux lighting

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